James Guinn Elementary PTA


PTA 2017-2018 Goals

This school year, the James Guinn Elementary PTA has set three goals. These three goals are aimed at promoting family engagement, student safety awareness, and campus beautification.

Family Engagement


Promote and build family engagement to foster positive outcomes for every child. Decades of research indicates that students with involved parents are more likely to attend school regularly, perform better in school, develop better social skills and go on to post-secondary education.


Joining the PTA is a good first step. We want to encourage you to help us build our PTA. Showing your child you care about what is going on at school and attending functions is a big part of that. That is why this year we are having movie nights, family restaurant nights, and sponsoring a few students in the Kids Run the OC Marathon.

Student Safety Awareness


One of our main objectives this year is to promote schools as a safe and welcoming environment for students, families and communities. and support children’s health and welfare in all aspects of their lives.


We are working with Teachers and Staff to help promote Red Ribbon Week. This year’s theme is Life is a Journey Travel Drug Free. We will also be sponsoring a BMX assembly for our students to help discuss anti-bullying and living a drug free lifestyle.

Campus Beautification


We want our students to be proud of their school and happy to attend on a day to day basis. We are having a contest to design a sign with the school name and/or logo to help identify our school. It will give the school some color and presence